YQJY30-4D Four Post Wireless Hydraulic Heavy Duty 4 Post Car Lift Truck/bus Lift for Sale China Supplier Portable 30 Tons 1 Table Size

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1. Adopt electronically controlled hydraulic system.
2. Driven by an oil cylinder to ensure smooth ascent and descent.
3. Unique synchronization system: even if the load is not evenly distributed on each column, it can still ensure that vehicle could be lifted and descent smoothly.
4. Unique design suitable for installation and maintenance of commercial vehicles.
5. The equipment in the loaded state has mechanical and hydraulic double locks, and can automatically stop at the highest point.
6. Fault diagnosis function: Once any fault occurs, it will stop immediately.
7. Multiple columns can be used in any combination according to user needs, which is convenient for users to operate.
8. Each column is equipped with an operation control system, each column is equipped with a hydraulic power unit, also with a power failure emergency lowering device.

Product parameters

Type Column Lift
Model YQJY30-4D
Capacity 30T
Lifting Height 1750mm
Weigt 650kg
Motor Power 3T
Input Voltage 380v/220v
Certification CE,ISO9001
Warranty 1 Year

Product features

1. The column lifting adopts wireless hydraulic drive, controlled by the microprocessor to achieve synchronization, up to 8 columns can be lifted at the same time.

2.Each column has its own battery and antenna to achieve full wireless operation

3.Operation panel adopts touch LCD screen.

4. The hydraulic system is equipped with a safety valve with automatic overload protection function, a low voltage control panel, an emergency stop button installed on every column, and a mechanical locking system for safety consideration.


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Four Post Wireless Hydraulic Heavy Duty 4 Post Car Lift Truck (6)

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