WIN GLITTER Tire Changer & Wheel Balancer to Usa.

Tire Changer and Wheel balancer, 220V, 60HZ to USA.

Power supply / Motor power : 110v/220v/380v
Operate Press: 8-10bat
Rim clamping range (External): 10''-22''(254-559mm)
Rim clamping range (Internal): 12''-24''(305-660mm)
Bead Breaker force: 5500Lb (2500kg)
Max Wheel Diameter: 1040mm
Max Wheel Width: 3''-15''
Noise: <70db
Outer pack: 1150*900*930mm
Inner Pack: 1100*850*830mm
22 pcs / 20ft container
46 pcs / 40ft container
CBM : 1m³
N.W.: 240kg
G.W.: 260kg

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Tire changer Features

1, the standard with the inner diameter of 80mm cylinder, compared with other products cylinder clamp wheel force can be lifted (more than 50KG). In the process of disassembling and assembling the tire to avoid the claw skid caused by hub damage.
2, the standard plate gasket not only plays the purpose of safety to protect the operator and avoid the plate surface wear to reduce the service life.
3. The new aluminum foot chassis design not only takes into account the air tightness and stability, but also improves the foot strength, which is in line with the ergonomic design.
4, the use of aluminum cylinder diameter 186 large cylinder, improve the strength of the shovel tire to avoid cylinder rust and increase the service life
5. Enhanced quadrangle shaft, lengthened hexagonal set to greatly increase the strength of the machine.
6, optional 241/240 type assistant, easy to operate, improve the overall efficiency of tire removal.

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Wheel balancer features

1, the key panel adopts double start switch, prolong the service life.
2. Ergonomic appearance design, rich storage space to improve public efficiency.
3, the use of new upgraded computer version to greatly improve the secondary calibration zero gram difference, and reduce the failure rate.
4. The box structure is thickened to ensure the stability of the machine when the tire is running.
5. Tool hooks and shelves on the side of the fuselage make the operator more convenient.

Tire changing machine, is used to install and unload automobile tires, can replace tires for different vehicles such as cars,motorcycles and heavy trucks, and is a necessary equipment for automobile repair shops and 4S shops. There are two kinds of pneumatic and hydraulic, the most commonly used is pneumatic.

There are two main categories of common tire dismantling machines on the market. One is the small vertical tire dismantling machine used for dismantling and installing car tires. The other is the large horizontal tire removal machine used for there moval and installation of large truck tires.

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The best deal on the market. Our best selling tire changer matched with our best selling wheel balancer creates the perfect combination to start up your wheel service shop. Buying the combo saves you hundreds of dollars off the normal price and makes you a full service tire shop. The tire changer handles up to 24" rims and is equipped. These are made for cars and light pickup trucks. The tire changer includes a metal and plastic demount head, plastic wheel clamp covers, tire iron, and lube bucket/brush. The Wheel Balancer includes foot pedal wheel break to hold wheel in place while placing weight increasing accuracy. Includes plastic safety hood, quick release wing nut, cone adapters, wheel weight hammer, and rim caliper.

Post time: May-29-2023