WIN GLITTER 2 Post Car Lift to Argentina

In Stock Fast Delivery Factory Price CE Certification 2 post 4 ton car lift & 4 post car lift to Argentina.

Lifting capacity:4000kg
Lifting height: 1850-1900mm
Min Height: 110mm
Pass Width: 2500mm
Column Width: 2800mm
Total Width:3435mm
Lift Time: 50s-60s
Motor power: 2.2kw(220v-380v 50hz)
Oil Pressure Rating: 24MPa
Overall weight: About560kg
Packing size:2870*500*650mm & 92*27*33mm
Total 2 packaging

Client is very happy with the quality!!!
4 post lift , scissor lift could be customized produce, Welcome to get your enquiry!

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Main Features

1. Manual lock release from single side
2. Automatic arm restraints, lifting arm automatically engages when lift is raised, and disengaged when lift lowered to the ground
3. 3-stage screw-up pads suitable for low chassis vehicle and make easy and quick service
4. Parachute valve equipped in hydraulic joint ensures safety in case of oil hose broken
5. Door opening protection rubber as standard
6. Foot guard as export standard
7. CE certificated

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Post time: May-29-2023