How to choose a good quality tire changer ?



2. Parameter

Measurement repeatability ±0.01° or 0.01mm

Power supply / Motor power 110v/220v/380v
Operate Press 8-10bat
Rim clamping range (External) 10''-22''(254-559mm)
Rim clamping range (Internal) 12''-24''(305-660mm)
Bead Breaker force: 5500Lb (2500kg)
Max Wheel Diameter: 1040mm
Max Wheel Width 3''-15''
Noise: <70db
Outer pack 1150*900*930mm
Inner Pack 1100*850*830mm
20ft container 22 pcs
40ft container 46 pcs
CBM 1m³
N.W./ G.W. 240kg/260kg

3. Scope of application

This product is suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized cars, the rim diameter of 10"-21" tire semi-automatic disassembly and rapid inflation.

4.Product features

Wheel balancer features :
1, the key panel adopts double start switch, prolong the service life.
2. Ergonomic appearance design, rich storage space to improve public efficiency.
3, the use of new upgraded computer version to greatly improve the secondary calibration zero gram difference, and reduce the failure rate.
4. The box structure is thickened to ensure the stability of the machine when the tire is running.
5. Tool hooks and shelves on the side of the fuselage make the operator more convenient.

5. Product performance

01. Change the range of the clamping rim by adjusting the boat position.
02. The movement structure of automatic centering four claws on the turntable is a connecting rod structure, with synchronous performance, from the outside to the inside when the clamping center.
03. The structure of the mobile booth is designed to make it difficult to deform.
04. The working head is plated with hard chromium on the surface of high frequency quenching to ensure the strength, toughness and wear resistance.
05. The working rotary table has the function of synchronous centering and fine tuning, so that the disassembling and assembling of tires is more smooth.
06. Low noise when the machine is running
07. Tools that contact the tire such as disassembling and assembling working head, clamping claw, crowbar and tire press shovel are equipped with protective sleeves and pads to ensure that the rim is not damaged.
08. Dignified body, thick plate, super rigid.

6. Product quality

This product has reached the European Union quality standard and obtained the CE certificate for export to the European Union.

Post time: May-29-2023