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Special elevator for cars, transport vehicles to the second floor exhibition hall, effectively use the second floor space, display more vehicles, save store rent.

Product parameters

Product name 3/4 Floors Stacker Parking Lift for Car Storage
Model YQSJY3-4B Notes
Lift capacity (T) 1-8  
Min Height (mm) 200 Can dig the foundation pit, and the ground level
Lifting height(mm) 3000-13000 custom
Pump Station Pressure (Mpa) 16  
Motor power (kw) 4/5.5  
Supply voltage 220/380  
Lifting speed (mm/min) About 4500  
Down speed  (mm/min) About 4500  
Driving mode Electro-hydraulic type  
Insurance Pneumatic release device  


Product features

High precision hydraulic transmission, smooth lifting, simple operation, low failure rate

High strength chain pulling, bearing no extension of long service life, large safety factor

Double chain lifting, lifting more safe and reliable

Adjustable screw to ensure the level of the platform and the smooth lifting of the car

Large capacity pump station, fast lifting speed, low operating noise

The design is novel and beautiful, and the structure is strong and durable

Widely used in 4S shops, car shops, large repair shops, etc., greatly solve the problem of low land utilization

Safety aspect

a Kang Yu design, double chain lifting, to ensure safety

b with up and down limit switch, reach the limit position, automatic stop

c Each layer is equipped with pneumatic safety device, more secure

d Product quality problems shall be borne by PICC property Insurance

Detailed Drawing

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