Introduction Of Car Lift

Automobile lift refers to the auto maintenance equipment used for automobile lifting in the automobile maintenance industry.
The lifting machine plays a vital role in the maintenance of the car, the car is driven to the lifting machine position, and the car can be lifted to a certain height through manual operation, which is convenient for car maintenance.
Lifting machine plays a very important role in automobile maintenance and maintenance, and now the maintenance plant is equipped with lifting machine, lifting machine is the necessary equipment of the automobile maintenance plant.
Whether the vehicle overhaul, or minor repair and maintenance, can not be separated from it, its product nature, quality is good or bad directly affect the personal safety of maintenance personnel, in the maintenance and maintenance enterprises of different sizes, whether it is a comprehensive repair shop of a variety of models, or a single business scope of street shops (such as tire shops), almost all are equipped with a lift.

The famous foreign brands of the lift machine are bend-Pak.Rotary, etc.
The production of lift in the form of a wide variety, from the column structure to classify, mainly single column lift, double column lift, four column lift, shear lift and trench lift.
According to the classification of the drive type of the lift, it is mainly divided into three categories: pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical. Most of them are hydraulic, followed by mechanical, and least pneumatic.
There are three main types of lifts sold on the market: double-column, four-column and pillar-free.
According to the transmission type, the double column type is divided into: mechanical and hydraulic.
Hydraulic lift is divided into single cylinder type and double cylinder type.

Car Lift

The structure and working principle of the car lift:
First, mechanical double column machine
1. The working principle of mechanical double-column lift machine is that there is a set of screw nut transmission structure in each column, and the connecting power is transmitted between the two sets of transmission by the sleeve roller chain hidden in the bottom frame, so that the lifting system in the two columns can keep up with each other. (The transmission system of the lifting mechanism of the double-column automobile lift is driven and controlled by the hydraulic system, and the hydraulic cylinder installed in the two columns on both sides pushes the chain connecting the column and the slide table, so that the large roller installed on the slide table rolls along the column and realizes the up and down movement of the slide table. The wire rope is used as a synchronization device to maintain the synchronization of the whole lift. The support arm is connected with the slide table in the column, and when the slide table moves down, the support arm moves together.)
2, the structure of mechanical double column machine: motor, hydraulic power unit, oil cylinder, wire rope, lifting slide, lifting arm, left and right column!
3, the use of mechanical double column machine and precautions:
A. Operation and use requirements:
One, lift the car
1. Clean up the environment around the lift;
2. Put the lifting arm in the bottom position;
3. Retract the lifting arm to the shortest position;
4. Swing the lifting arm to both sides;
5. Drive the car between the two columns;
6. Install the rubber pad on the lifting arm and move the lifting arm to the supporting position of the car;
7, press the rise button until the rubber pad completely contacts the car, make sure whether the rise button is safely released;
8. Continue to slowly raise the elevator, make sure that the car balance state, lift the car to the required height, release the rise button
9. Press the descending handle to lower the lift to the safe lock position, and then the car can be repaired.

Two, drop the car
1. Clear the obstacles around and under the lift, and ask the people around to leave;
2. Press the rise button to lift the car slightly and pull the safety lock; And press down operation handle to lower the car;
3. Swing the arms to both ends and shorten them to the shortest position;
4. Move the car.

B. Notices:
①. the lifting machine marked with the maximum safe load, please do not exceed the safe working load when using.
②.Some front-engined, front-wheel-drive vehicles are heavier in the front, and the vehicle may tilt forward when the wheels, suspension assembly and fuel tank are removed from the rear of the vehicle
③. find the hard part of the car to support "most cars are designed >
④. to maintain balance
⑤.prevent the support point from slipping, cushion leather non-slip (outer tire)

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