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Are you tired of constantly relying on nitrogen cylinders for your nitrogen gas supply?  Look no further!  We are excited to present the Tyer Nitrogen Air Machine, a cutting-edge nitrogen generator that offers a continuous and reliable source of high-purity nitrogen gas.  With its advanced technology and unparalleled performance, this machine is set to revolutionize the way nitrogen gas is produced and utilized.

At the heart of the Tyer Nitrogen Air Machine is its state-of-the-art nitrogen generator, which utilizes pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology.  This highly efficient process separates nitrogen gas from the ambient air, allowing for on-demand nitrogen production without the need for bulky and costly nitrogen cylinders.  By eliminating the challenges associated with cylinder storage, transportation, and constant refills, this innovative machine ensures hassle-free operation and significant cost savings for users.

Product characteristic

1. Elegant appearance, low consumption, one-key startup generation, excellent performance
2. Fast nitrogen generation ensures continuous inflation
3. Professional energy efficiency management better saves energy
4. User-defined nitrogen generation purity(efficiency) can meet the needs of all users
5. Dedicated chip control, Precise pressure sensor monitor, safe, reliable and accurate


Temperature Range:                                                                       
  • -20-70℃
Power Source: AC110V/220V    50/60HZ 
Power: 20W 
Inlet Pressure:                                                         6-10 bar
Nitrogen output pressure:  Max 6 bar                             
Nitrogen purity:
  • ≥95%                                


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