YCN30 Car tire Nitrogen generator/Nitrogen generator for sale

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Nitrogen generators adopt Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology to generate ultra pure nitrogen gas. Compressed air is dried and filtered through condenser tubes and filters. Lots of O2, CO2, moisture, hydrocarbon will be removed after gas passes through CMS cylinder in purification model. Then clean, dry and ultra pure nitrogen will be generated.

Product characteristic

1. Elegant appearance, Fast generation and high purity
2. Profession energy efficiency management better saves energy
3. User-defined nitrogen generation purity (efficiency)can meet the needs of all users
4. When pipe is connected to tire, inflate the pre-set pressure automatically and precisely
5. Automatically vacuumize and inflate the tires which are to be inflated for the first time, thus guaranteeing the nitrogen purity inside
6. Dedicated chip control, precise pressure sensor monitor, safe reliable and accurate
7. Suit for: Motorcycle, Car
8. Pump the air from the tyre by the internal vacuum generator before
9. Auto-Start Inflation
10.Single Tyre Application


Temperature Range:
  • -20-70℃
Power Source: AC110V/220V    50/60HZ
Power: 30W
Inlet Pressure: 6-10 bar
Nitrogen output pressure: Max 6 bar
Nitrogen purity:
  • ≥95%


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