YC-JSZW-3227 Mid-position scissor lift/low portable lift(movable)

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Note: According to user requirements for different voltage and frequency product (specific parameters see the equioment signs)

(Optional color)Manual Lock Release 2 Post Car Lift

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1.The lifting platform extension, according to the different models of the vehicle support the ramp and extension, flexible use, cover small space.
2.Pneumatic release, safe and reliable.
3.The initial height is lower (110mm), have sliding ramp and extension.
4.Adopt axis drived, synchronization performance good, lifting capacity well.
5.Hydraulic system adopted imported electromagnetic valve and seal components, ensure the stability and working life of the machine.
6.When the power supply is off, lift and vehicle can be down by manual.
7.Rising and falling have safety alarm device.
8.Oil cylinder with upper return oil, prevent oil cylinder rust.
9. CE Certificated

Technical Specification

Lifting Capacity 3000kg
Lifting Height 1000mm
Min. Height 110mm
Lifting Time 50s
Length Of The Platform 1400mm
Platform Width 530mm
Motor Power 3.0kw-380v or 3.0kW-220v
Oil Pressure Rating 24MPa
Air Pressure 0.6-0.8MPa
Weight 580kg
Packaging 1620*2020*230mm
Total 2 packagings


Mobile small car scissors lifting machine is suitable for automobile maintenance, in tyres, oil changes, safe and convenient, save a space

Mobile Small Car Scissors Lifting Machine, an innovative and practical solution for automobile maintenance. This machine has revolutionized the way we conduct routine maintenance tasks such as replacing tires and changing oil, by providing a safe and convenient way to lift cars.

Designed to cater to both domestic and commercial auto repair shops and garages, the Mobile Small Car Scissors Lifting Machine is suitable for a wide range of cars, from small to medium-sized vehicles. Its compact and portable design makes it an ideal choice for those with limited space in their workshops or garages.

The machine is easy to operate, with a simple lever control that allows for smooth and precise lifting. The scissors lift mechanism ensures that cars are lifted securely, without the risk of any slipping or accidents. The maximum lifting capacity of this machine is up to 3000kg, making it suitable for a variety of cars.

Detailed Drawing

YC-JSZM-3227 (1)
YC-JSZM-3227 (2)

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