YC-JSX-A-8340 Hydraulic scissor lift 3000kg

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Note: According to user requirements for different voltage and frequency product (specific parameters see the equioment signs)

(Optional color)Manual Lock Release 2 Post Car Lift

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1.Utilizing ground hidden flat structure, and cover small space.
2.Pneumatic self-locking, safe and reliable.
3.Hydraulic system adopts an integrated valve plate system with imported seal, ensure the stability and working life of the machine.
4.With manual pre-interface, when power supply is off, lift can be down by manual.
5.It is composed of four parts, hydraulic system, pneumatic system and electric system.
6.Oil cylinder with upper return oil, prevent oil cylinder rust.
7. CE Certificated

Technical Specification

Lifting Capacity 3000kg
Lifting Height 2100mm
Min. Height 340mm
Lifting Time 50s-60s
Length Of The Platform 1540mm
Platform Width 550mm
Motor Power 3.0kw-380v or 3.0kW-220v
Oil Pressure Rating 24MPa
Air Pressure 0.6-0.8MPa
Weight 800kg
Packaging 1570*570*430mm
1100*360*490mm Total 3 packaging

Our product include

* 3D wheel alignment / truck wheel alignment
* Car lift / truck lift
* Tyre changer / truck tyre changer
* Wheel balancer / truck wheel balancer
We can also supply tools below :
* Nitrogen machine
* Vulcanizing machine
* Air compressor
* Pneumatic wrench
* Wast oil collection machine


The auto repair scissor lift is an essential tool for any auto repair workshop or garage. It is a versatile piece of equipment that is specifically designed to make car repair easier and more efficient. This lift allows mechanics to access the underside of a vehicle, which cannot be done easily without a lift.

There are many benefits of using the auto repair scissor lift. Firstly, it is designed to provide stability and safety during the repair process. It can handle the weight of cars, small trucks and SUVs, making it compatible with all types of vehicles. Secondly, it makes it easier to fix parts that are located underneath the car, making it possible to carry out tasks such as oil changes, tire rotations, brake replacements, and suspension repairs. Furthermore, it also saves time and effort, reducing the risk of injury to the mechanics and making the work faster and more efficient.

Detailed Drawing

hydraulic scissor lift (2)
YC-JSX-A-8340 (1)
YC-JSX-A-8340 (2)

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