YQJJ20/30/40-4B movable four Post Car Lift jacks 20000kgs load automotive truck lift

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YQJJ20/30/40-4B type mechanical car lift, it uses electro-mechanical drive mode, working through electronic control operation, planetary cycloidal pin wheel deceleration, screw rotation, nuts drive beam lifting. It has the features of reasonable design, novel structure, strong and durable, large lifting tonnage, flexible movement, wide range of applicable models, convenient operation and maintenance, etc. Due to the mobile operation mode, indoor and outdoor can be installed and used, is the automobile maintenance industry to improve production efficiency, enhance warranty quality, improve the ideal automobile lifting equipment.

product use

YQJJ20/30/40-4B is suitable for all kinds of passenger cars, trucks, trucks, sprinklers, garbage trucks, fire trucks and other vehicles with a self-weight of 20/30/40 tons. It can lift the car to a suitable height, so that the staff can enter and exit the bottom of the car smoothly, replacing the traditional gutter operation.

product characteristics

1. Large load capacity, leading in China.

2. The column can be moved before and after, easy to use.

3. Column track, the use of composite steel, more stable operation.

4. Adopt electro-mechanical, built-in lifting capacity.

5. The use of planetary cycloidal pin wheel deceleration, screw rotation, nuts to drive the lifting beam.

6. Humanized design, reasonable and beautiful.

Product parameters

Product name Portable 4 Post jacks 20000kgs load automotive truck lift
Model YQJJ20-4B YQJJ30-4B YQJJ40-4B
Lift capacity (T) 20 30 40
lifting heightmm 1700 1700 1700
Effective Span mm 3200 3200 3200
Output SpeedR/min 50 50 50
Lifting speedmm/min 600 600 600
Motor powerKw 2.2x4 3x4 3x4
Supply voltageV 380V 380V 380V
Reduction gear Planetary cycloid Planetary cycloid Planetary cycloid
Driving mode Electro mechanical Electro mechanical Electro mechanical
Weight (T) 2 2.2 3.7
Size (mm) Customx4660x2650 Customx4840x2650 Customx5360x2650
Select accessories Jack Stand 


the warranty period and equipment problems

1. This product is underwritten by the People's Insurance Company of China.

2, Warranty period: from the date of acceptance of the equipment signed for the buyer's purchase of equipment free warranty for one year, free warranty period generated by the supplier is responsible for all costs. (Except for damage caused by user's human factors and other force majeure).

3. Solution of equipment problems after the warranty expires: the supplier provides lifelong maintenance services for the equipment sold. After the free warranty expires, only the cost of equipment maintenance is charged.

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