YCLT-850-240 Tire Changer

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Note: According to user requirements for different voltage and frequency product (specific parameters see the equioment signs)

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1, the standard with the inner diameter Φ80mm cylinder, compared with other products cylinder clamp wheel strength can be increased (50KG or more). In the process of removing and assembling the tire, avoid the wheel hub damage caused by the slippage of the claw.

2, the standard plate gasket not only plays the purpose of safe protection of the operator but also avoids the surface wear of the plate to reduce the service life.

3, the new aluminum foot chassis design not only takes into account the stability of air tightness, but also improves the strength of the foot, which is ergonomic design.

4, the use of aluminum cylinder diameter 186 large cylinder, improve the strength of the shovel tire to avoid cylinder rust and increase the service life

5, enhanced square shaft, lengthened hexagonal set greatly increase the strength of the machine.

6, standard 241 assistant, easy to operate, improve the overall efficiency of tire removal.

Technical Specification

Rim clamping range (External) 10''-22''(254-559mm)
Rim clamping range (Internal) 12''-24''(305-660mm)
Operate Press 8-10bar
Max Wheel Width 3''-15''
Power supply / Motor power 110v/220v/380v
Bead Breaker force 5500Lb (2500kg)  
Noise <70db
Outer pack 1250*900*1750mm
Inner Pack 1200*850*1650mm
20ft container 14 pcs
40ft container 28 pcs
N.W. / G.W. 260kg/280kg                                

YCLT-850-240 Tire Changer is an economical and practical model with semi-automatic side arm swing design.
1. It suit for tyre of 11”-20” , and can clamp outside 18” aluminum rims,
2. Suitable for change a variety of middle and small vehicle tyre.
3. Product has passed CE certification from EU.

Detailed Drawing

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