YCB-520 Auto Balance Weight Wheel Balancer for Cars

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Note: According to user requirements for different voltage and frequency product (specific parameters see the equioment signs)

(Optional color)Manual Lock Release 2 Post Car Lift

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1. Key panel

The key panel adopts dual start switch to extend the service life

(Key: A: Enter the distance from the ruler to the wheel hub through (up and down arrow); L: Enter the width of the wheel hub through (up and down arrow); D: Enter the tire diameter through (up and down arrow); F key: switch mode; R key: self-correction; STOP key: emergency brake; START key: Start.

S is the motorcycle mode, 1 is the modified tire mode, 2 is the aluminum alloy tire with lead block on both sides, 3 is the aluminum alloy tire with lead block on one side and lead block on the other.

2. Storage space

Enlarge and deepen the storage space

3. Computer board

This machine adopts the newly upgraded 711 computer board, the secondary calibration zero gram difference, low failure rate

4. Spindle

High accuracy, corrosion resistance, good anti-rust effect, the use of export materials, high balance accuracy, low noise, accuracy of ±1g, the shaft with a motorcycle fixture fixed port, can be installed according to customer needs.

5. Motor

Pure copper motor, large power, low noise

6. Box

The thickened box structure ensures the stability of the machine when the tire is running, and is suitable for the balance of the wheels of various small and medium-sized vehicles

7. Tool hooks and shelving

Tool hooks and storage racks on the side of the fuselage make it easier for the operator to use

8. Laser precision cutting makes the box splicing process more sophisticated

9. High quality switch, durable

10. Power Cord

National standard extended power cord

Technical Specification

Motor power 250w110v50HZ/110v/220v50HZ
Max. Wheel weight ≤80kg
Max Wheel Dia ≤980mm
Turning Width <4-15″
Balancing accuracy ±1
Outer Package 970*700*1115mm
Inner Package 920*650*1050mm
20ft container 36 pcs
40ft container 72 pcs
N.W. / G.W. 83kg/113kg                                

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