YC485 Bus/ truck/trailer four-wheel alignment machine

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3d truck wheel alignment machine four wheel alignment for sale
Truck Wheel Alignment 3D wheel aligner with CE
truck 3d wheel alignment
Our products are used for vehicle’s after-sale service and repair markets, Including vehicle repair shop, 4S repair station, Tyre Shop, Gas station and so on.

Product features

1. 8 beam CCD image technology, high measurement precision, Use geometry center-line and thrust line measurement principle

2. ZIGBEE wireless communication, high performance, low consumption, long distance transmission

3. Super-large LCD screen display the measurement values is convenient for operation

4. Integrated port is used for charging, cable communication and wireless communication

5. Can measure truck. Semi-trailer, trailer , Normal van, bus, tractor etc

6. Use trailer stand bench can measure and adjust multi-bridge, and super-long wheelbase heavy duty truck

7. Double steering adjustment program can solve the second bridge tyre wear problem, Unique double front axies adjustment mode, the front first axie’s values will not be affected when adjust the front second axie. 


4X sensor
6X fixture
4X corner disk
1X Movable cabinet
1X steering wheel lock
1X computer host
1X32 "LCD display
1X printer
2X trailer hanger
Number of packages: 1
Package size: 1270X1120X1570mm
Gross weight: 230kg


 Spec                                                                                             · Accur Acy ·  Range   
Toe   · ±2'                                  · ±20°
Camber · ±3'                                  · ±10°
Caster                                                                         · ±3' · ±20°
Kpl                            · ±3'                                  · ±20°
Setback                          · ±2'                                 · ±9°
Thrust Angle                  · ±2'                                   · ±9°
Wheel Base                       · ±3mm · 
Tread                                · ±5mm · 


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