YC101AT Fixed Camera beam 3D wheel aligner computer wheel alignment machine

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3D wheel alignment
High precise 3D wheel alignment machine
3D wheel alignment garage equipment
3D aligner system

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Product Description

1.3 million pixel industrial high-speed camera, camera bar and column fixed installation structure, can not be moved in real time. Iron column, simple integrated cabinet.

double cameras structure, aluminium mechanical lifting stand column that move the camera beam manually, one body cabinet with aluminium stand column. The 32'' LCD monitor can extend to different directions freely, which is convenient for vehicle adjustment.

Product features

four wheel alignment, two wheel alignment, signle wheel measurement, Camber, Caster, KPI, Toe, Set-back, Thrust Angle, adjust steering wheel, Toe lock adjustment, Toe curve adjustment,max.steering wheel measurement, Axis offset measurement,wheel base measurement, wheel offset measurement,tread measurement,rolling radius measurement, scrub radius measurement,Camber at zero toe measurement,lift measurement,ride height measurement.

a variety of measurement methods (static measurement, two-round measurement and conventional measurement), not subject to the level of the lifting platform, no need to carry out TID wheel center calibration of the target plate and fixture, network cloud service, convenient after-sales service, detection tools at any time to the positioning instrument for software and hardware detection. Various measuring functions, wheelbase, wheel base, diagonal distance and hub diameter measurement, suitable for a variety of platforms (shear lift, four-column lift, trench)


1 x Camera cross beam
1 x Steel stand column
1 x A type cabinet
4 x clamp
4 x Clamp string
2 x Turntable
2 x Transition block
2 x Wedge Rubber
1 x Steering wheel holder
1 x Brake pedal depressor
1 x PC
1 x keyboard
1 x Mouse
1 x 22'' LCD monitor
1 x LED Digital display
1 x thermal printer
2860*600*600mm, 153kg


  • Accur Acy
  • ±2'                                
  • ±3'                                
  • ±3'
  • ±3'                                
  • ±2'                               
Thrust Angle                
  • ±2'                                 
Wheel Base                     
  • ±3mm 
  • ±5mm


Detailed Drawing


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