Y-T048C hydraulic spring compressor

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Color: Blue, balck, red , orange or customized

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This product is suitable for all cars, disassembling interactions of shock absorber spring pillar type. hydraulic type design, is safe and reliable. Its universality, interoperablity, ease and use of security, have unique advantages. Using with the handle, can complete the shock absorber assembly and spring according to relax and compression, as long as one person operation, 5- 10 minutes can tear open outfit a shock absorber.

Suspension spring compressor, it is a new type of vehicle maintenance and repair tools, for different kinds of cars are a good match for, tool manufacturing, overall made of manganese steel compression plates using chromium molybdenum alloy steel forging. easy to use, quick operation, is the high car repair shop, especially 4 s shop necessary tools.

Four times the safety coefficient, 3 sets of configuration options, apply to 70-100mm and 80-165-mm and 165-195- mm suspension springs.

Applicable models: mercedes- benz, BMW, Toyota, ford, mitsubishi, saab, nissan, Honda, Pakistan

Shandong, Volvo, opel, porsche, audi, Volkswagen, all cars suspension spring disassembling

Technical Specification


shock absorption spring compressor hydraulic compressor


Blue, balck, red , orange or customized




hand tool

Net weight of machine


Oil cylinder piston stroke of Jack


Oil cylinder diameter of Jack


The minimum opening of support rod shaft clip

60x51(width x length)

The maximum opening of support rod shaft clip

60x70(width x length)

The diameter range of compressed spring


The maximum wire diameter of spring clip


The Interval of pillar height adjustment position


Minimum lifting height


 Maximum lifting height


Detailed Drawing

shock absorber spring compressor (1)
shock absorber spring compressor (2)
shock absorber spring compressor (3)
shock absorber spring compressor (5)

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