Y-T038 Digital Wall Mounted Automatic Car Tire Inflator Tool Tire inflation system

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1. Metal button: metal shell with large LED display screen

Wall-hanging: easy install to wall
Automatic inflation with preset tire pressure
Wide range of application: Motocycle, bus, car, suv
10m tuber tube


Model  Y-T038
Applicable vehicle  Tyre Inflator Air Hose Wall-Mounted Automatic Digital Tire Inflator
Display mode  Digital LCD Display
Pressure unit Psi Bar ,Kg/cm2 Kpa
Max inlet pressure 190Psi,13kg/cm,13 Bar,1300Kpa
protection Rubber Protective Sheath
Accuracy 2.5%
Differentiation 0.3~190Psi,0 .01Kg/cm ~ 13 kg/cm, 0.2~ 13 Bar,20~1300Kpa
Power supply 220v
Pressure range 0-100 PSI / 0-7 BAR
Weight 6.8kg
Packaging 450*260*450mm


Why need it?

The dangers of abnormal tyres

Low tire
Increased tire wear, easy to produce a flat tire, car fuel consumption increased
High Tire
The tire grip is lowered and worn quickly and the brake performance is reduced
Flat Tire
Continued driving will cause severe damage to the tire and wheel hub and may cause serious traffic accidents
Air imbalance
Driving and braking are prone to deviation and driving continues to cause traffic accidents

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